You wouldn’t buy a new pair of designer shoes without trying them on for size, we all know that a tight or ill-fitting pair of shoes can cause blisters, swelling, discomfort, back pain and annoyance ---  The same is true of an ill-fitting saddle ---


Swelling can occur around the saddle area, so too heat and pain in the muscles can occur under the saddle; lumps and sores on the horses’ back are also a common symptom.  Over time an ill-fitting saddle can cause white hair scarring, muscle wastage, atrophy of the muscles on either side of the withers, scar tissue formation around the shoulder blades, acute and chronic muscular tension in the neck, back and hindquarters, joint problems in the hocks and stifles --- And we wonder why our horses present with so many behaviour issues!


At Dances with Horses Australia we acknowledge that buying a saddle is not an easy task and an improper saddle fit can be the Root Cause of Many Physical, Behavioral and Training Problems --- Then there is you the customer --- you need to be able to sit in the saddle, not just on a saddle stand, you need to “feel” it on your horses back --- you also need to ensure that it is going to be the RIGHT FIT for your horse and YOURSELF.  No point buying a saddle that makes you feel unbalanced or just plain uncomfortable.  That’s why we have developed TRY, FEEL, AND FIT BEFORE YOU BUY.  We have gathered a list of only the best saddle fitters across N.S.W.  They come with a wealth of experience, are highly dedicated to getting the right fit each and every time and most importantly it is not their job to “sell” you a saddle, their job is to determine if indeed the saddle is a good choice for you and your horse. 


All saddle fit and adjustments are completely FREE and there is no obligation to purchase (please refer to our Sadding Fitting/Sale Conditions).  If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a FREE saddle fit with either the Monarch or Ezy Ride half breed saddle please contact or phone 0438250269.  Click here to view our team of qualified, independent saddle fitters across N.S.W.


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