EquiPedic Endurance Saddle Pads

The EquiPedic® Endurance pad is truly the ultimate endurance pad for world class riders. Yet, it is ideal for
everyday use on the trail and in the arena. The patent pending design of the pad and the use of ConforPedic
Impact Reduction Material™ allows the pad to contour and flex with your horse's movements to absorb shock
and protect your horse's back. It will conform to your horse's back and saddle and eliminate poor saddle fit.
The EquiKOOL™ Temperature Management System keeps your horse cooler when it's hot and warmer when
it's cold. Your horse will be more comfortable and more willing to perform under any situation. The EquiCHARGE
Oxygen Energy Recovery System will increase the blood flow to your horse's back and increase the
transcutaneous oxygen transfer to the skin and muscles. Your horse will have more energy and experience
faster muscle recovery. No other endurance pad offers this competitive edge! Our pad's modified cut back
relieves pressure on the withers of any horse, including swaybacks! The pad's underside is lined with breathable
wool felt and the top is uncoated 1000 denier Cordura® to further promote ventilation and durability. Our
EquiGrip™ strips on the Cordura® cover also prevent the pad from slipping. A opening on the front side allows
you to remove the ConforPedic™ inserts and throw the pad in the washing machine to clean. The EquiPedic®
Saddle Pad is the ultimate in equine comfort!™

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