What happens when an Australian master saddler and horseman teams up with one of the most prestigious saddle-making houses in Europe? An exceptional “half breed” stock saddle that perfectly suits Australia’s rough conditions, yet is backed by 165 years of elite German saddle-making heritage.

The Ezyride is designed by Marsh Carney of Scone, NSW, and features technological input from George Kieffer of Germany. The result is a revolutionary saddle that solves the most common problems with standard stock saddles.

The Ezy Ride is the only saddle of its type in the world that is infinitely adjustable, time and time again, to suit virtually any type of horse including working, western and English breeds. This is achieved by using infrared lamps to heat the tree and make it pliable. It is then pressed into the desired shape and allowed to cool. This process can be repeated as often as required without invalidating the warranty. Lightweight, yet extremely strong, a fully mounted Ezyride weighs about 7kg, making it easy for most riders to comfortably carry.  Click here to find out about the adjustability of Kieffer saddle trees.

The Ezyride half breed aims to enhance the riding experience by replacing the all-too-familiar “armchair” seat found in stock saddles with a balanced and centred seat that supports and stabilises the rider, which encourages an independent seat and increases leg control.

Superior comfort and security makes the Ezyride suitable for riders of all levels, ranging from serious competitors, working stockmen and professional breakers to beginners, leisure riders or those wanting to improve confidence. Although the Ezy Ride saddle was extensively tested by working stockmen who spend many hours in the saddle each day, the largest market is actually for leisure riders, inexperienced riders and persons who have to ride young or unreliable horses. The broad, flat panels make this saddle extremely comfortable for the horse as it distributes the riders’ weight over a larger area and the relatively light weight of the saddle (under 7 kg bare) has also found it admirers among endurance riders. The stirrups provides a similar positioning of the rider as, for instance, a good dressage saddle.

The saddle is available in SECU, a synthetic leather look-alike, in black or brown, size 2 only which is 17”, (or 13.5” in the stocksaddle measurement). Soft, yet durable and long-lasting, SECU is water-repellent, breathable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Comes standard with a medium size adjustable gullet. 

Contact us today to arrange a FREE saddle fitting (applies to N.S.W. residents only).  


Alternatively simply purchase one of our DIY saddle fitting kits which contains an 18 inch flexible curve ruler,
150cm measuring tape, sketch paper, details of how to take a wither tracing and measure your horses back, chalk, pen and a free 500g pre-paid postal bag for returning the kit and wither tracing to us. The price of the kit ($24.00) is totally refundable upon return to Dances with Horses Australia. Click here to order your saddle fitting kit today.

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Ezy Ride Synthetic Saddle (Black)

  • Brand: Ezy Ride
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